5 Tips For Working With Batik Fabric

Posted on: 12 November 2019

If you are just getting into quilting, you need to learn how to work with batik fabric. Batik fabric is one of the primary fabrics used for quilting. 

Tip #1: Look Online for a Wide Range of Patterns 

When it comes to choosing the right batik fabric for your project, you want to find one that has a pattern and color that fits with your vision for the quilt. If you can't find the right batik fabric locally, there are tons of different patterns and colors of batik fabric online. You can find the perfect pattern and color when you look for the fabric for your next quilt. 

Tip #2: Always Check the Washing Directions 

When it comes to working with batik fabric, you should always check the washing instructions before you grab a fabric. Although there are many types of batik fabric that you can wash in the washing machines, some batik fabrics need to be hand washed. Only purchase a hand-washed batik fabric if you want your quilt to only be hand washed as well.  

Tip #3: Pre-Wash the Fabric  

Before you start working with the fabric, you should pre-wash the fabric. Pre-washing the fabric will help keep the dye in the fabric from running. Pre-washing and drying the fabric will also help ensure that any shrinkage has already occurred. 

Tip #4: Be Careful with Drying 

When it comes to drying batik fabric, you are going to want to use a low heat setting or you are going to want to air dry the fabric. If you air-dry the fabric, do so out of the direct sunlight. With batik fabric, you need to make sure you don't wring the water out of the quilt. It may take longer to dry this way, but it is the best method for drying out the fabric.

Tip #5: Use a Sharp Needle 

When it comes to actually creating your quilt with the batik fabric, you need to make sure that you have some really sharp needles on hand. Batik fabric is really dense and has a really high thread count. That means that it is kind of hard to push through the fabric if you don't have a really sharp needle. 

When it comes to working with batik fabric, you can find a wide variety of colors and patterns online. When you get the fabric, you need to carefully wash and dry the fabric before you start working with the fabric.

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