Reasons to Consider Using a Pellet Stove to Heat Your Home

Posted on: 25 June 2019

If you are looking for a way to save money on heating costs, a pellet stove may be the solution. Pellet stoves have been a popular alternative heat source for a number of years. They are much easier to maintain than a traditional wood stove and they are more economical than gas heat. Wood pellets are basically the sawdust that is left after milling. The pellets are put in a hopper and slowly fed through an auger since they are condensed and compact, they take longer to burn. Here are a few reasons to consider a wood pellet stove to heat your home.

Easy to Install

Wood pellet stoves are generally free-standing, so they are easy to install. There are other options, such as an insert stove, which can be fitted into a wall or other area where space is at a premium. There are inserts that can also be fitted directly into an existing fireplace. Although an experienced DIY homeowner may have the skills to install a pellet stove, it is recommended that you hire a professional installer to do the job, simply because it ensures the installation is done correctly and there won't be a risk smoke coming into your home instead of through the smoke pipe. The installation can typically be completed in a day or less.

Easy to Use

Wood pellet stoves are easy to use. Most are remote controlled, so you can quickly and easily adjust the temperature settings without getting off the couch. Some models operate without the use of electricity, so they can be used in outbuildings and other areas where electricity isn't available. They require minimal maintenance and cleaning.

Renewable Heating Incentive

Not only will using a wood pellet stove save you money on heating your home, but they are good for the environment as well. They help reduce the amount of CO2 output and reduce the reliance on traditional fossil fuels, such as gas, oil or coal. Another good benefit of using a pellet stove is that in many areas, homeowners that use them may qualify for government-funded payments through a program known as the Renewable Heating Incentive. This means that annual payments are made to the user, the amount paid depends on the output of the stove and the amount of renewable heating used. However, the annual payment means your stove will generally pay for itself over time.

Whether you are looking for a way to reduce the energy costs for heating your home or you want to do your part for the environment, wood pellet stoves are the ideal solution. Because they are made from the by-products of milling, they are a good source of alternative fuel. The pellets are good for the environment and they are a renewable resource.


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