Four Ways To Congratulate A Loved One From Afar

Posted on: 25 June 2017

The arrival of a new baby is a happy event that calls for a celebration. However, if you live hundreds or even thousands of miles away from the new parents, it may seem difficult to properly congratulate them on their bundle of joy. Check out a few ways you can send your congrats from afar:

1. Purchase a Meal Delivery Service for Your Friend

Traditionally, friends and family members shower new parents with meals after the arrival of a new baby. Even if you aren't within driving distance, you can take part in this tradition. Gift your friend a few night's worth of prepared meals. All your friend has to do is heat the meals and eat. If they are overrun with meals from nearby friends and family, they can freeze the meals until they need them.

There are nationwide companies that offer meal delivery as well as local companies. Shop around to find a business that offers meals suited to your loved one's taste preferences and dietary needs.

2. Send Flowers

Brighten up your friend's home by sending a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. You can even customize the bouquet so that it includes a few items for baby. Rattles, security blankets, teddy bears, and onesies are just a few items that your florist can incorporate.

If your friend enjoys gardening, consider sending an arrangement that includes a plant that your friend can add to the garden. Your friends will then have the pleasure of watching the plant grow alongside their new baby.

3. Put Together a Care Package

A care package is a terrific way to show new parents that you are thinking of them. Add a few things for the parents to do when the baby is asleep, like an exciting mystery novel or crossword puzzle book. If you're worried that the parents won't have a free hand to hold the book, consider throwing in a few DVDs or books on tape.

You can also mail food items, as long as they are properly packaged. Non-perishable snacks, like granola bars and beef jerky, are perfect when you only have a few minutes to eat before it is time for baby's next feeding.

4. Hire a Diaper Service 

Cloth diapering is experiencing a resurgence in popularity among parents who prefer "green" alternatives or are worried that the chemicals in disposable diapers are too harsh for baby's skin. However, cloth diapers have a way of quickly filling up the laundry hamper, especially during the newborn phase. A diaper service handles all of the laundering associated with cloth diapering so that the new parents only have to worry about keeping a fresh diaper on baby.

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