Four Embroidered Gifts That Won't Get Tossed To The Back Of A Closet

Posted on: 28 July 2015

Embroidered gifts give you the opportunity to pass a message along to your loved one or even just give a personalized item that features his or her name. Unfortunately, when the gift is not overly useful to your loved one, it can end up tossed in the back of the closet rather than being enjoyed. Here's a look at four useful embroidered gifts for four very different types of people. When you give one of these gifts, you can count on it being appreciated and used.

For the person who is always out and about...

Is your loved one rarely home? Maybe he or she works several jobs, has numerous hobbies outside of the home, or spends a lot of time volunteering for various organizations. A busy body of this sort would love an embroidered leather keycase. Such a keycase will ensure he or she is able to keep track of keys while out and about, rather than constantly having to search through a purse for them or worry about them falling out of a ripped pocket.

Have the leather keycase embroidered with the person's name or with a short phrase. Since it's small, you don't have to think of a long, detailed message. Something simple like "love life" or "live for today" is inspirational and brief.

For the person who loves to cook...

Does your loved one prefer whipping up a souffle to ordering one in a restaurant? Embroidered kitchen towels make the perfect gift for a home chef. They have a distinct use and can either be displayed or kept in a drawer, depending on how much the person wants to show off their message.

Great phrases to have embroidered on towels are "_____'s kitchen" or "property of _____, best chef in the house." There's plenty of room for embroidery on a towel, so feel free to get creative.

For the sports fanatic...

You know the type -- they're either playing sports or watching the game at home. For an active sports fanatic, an embroidered duffel bag makes a great gift. Make sure you choose a spacious one with plenty of pockets, so you know your loved one will actually be able to use it to carry gear to the game. If your loved one is on a sports team, check to see what their team colors are and purchase a bag in those colors.

When choosing embroidery for a sports bag, make sure you keep it simple. The player's name and number are good choices. A simple motivational quote, like "go for the gold" or "shoot to win" may be appreciated by some players, but if you have any doubts as to whether or not the sports fan in your life would appreciate a quote like this, stick with just the name and jersey number.

For the crafty person in your life...

Beads, thread, yarn, and glue abound in this person's life. Why not provide him or her with a way to keep it all organized? An embroidered craft bag, made from an attractive quilted material, will come in very handy for your crafty pal. Make sure you choose a bag with lots of compartments that zip closed, so small items like beads and needles don't get lost.

Crafty types are usually open to cuter phrases and poetry, and if this is true of your loved one, you can use your creativity when thinking of a phrase to have embroidered on the bag. Some phrases to consider include "This bag contains _____'s crafts. They're just not assembled yet!" and "Beading is a cure for all that ails you." Of course, having the bag simply embroidered with the words "_____'s craft bag" works, too.


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